Mobile Application Development

As an organization dedicated to services in the IT sector, Aksentt Tech Services has established itself as a brand of choice in multiple technology and domain. Our ability to quickly deliver high quality products . A responsive web portal that is available across multiple mobile devices. Mobile Applications

A custom mobile application that can be tailored specific to your target consumers and also be able to accommodate the various stakeholder views is a great value add to your brand. These capabilities allow us to create powerful B2B and B2C applications that address the needs of your target audience. As a mobile application development company, although we have worked on Android and iOS platforms extensively using HTML5 as well as Native technologies, our capabilities extend beyond these platforms.

ERP Application Development

Our customized ERP application development is available on Web based or Desktop - 2-tier technology. Also available in two bundle, Full ERP - for B2B, B2G & G2G.

Major Modules of ERP:

  • Invoicing
  • Recruitment
  • Finance
  • Notification
  • Employee details
  • Document management
  • HR & Accounts

Major Modules of Mini ERP System:

  • Account Module
  • Production Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Export Documentation Module
  • Sales and MIS Reports Module

Outsourcing Application Development

We provide ERP application development for different domain industries such as Government and private sectors. Above ERP solutions would be highly customized to your requirement. Please contact us for more details.