Managed Services

Aksentt Tech Services Limited Managed Services address all of your day-to-day IT management needs so your internal IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives. The depth of our knowledge and experience with traditional and advanced technologies as well as your specific IT infrastructure position us to successfully manage or host all key technology systems:

  • Network Services
  • Security Services
  • Data Center Services
  • Collaboration Services
  • Workplace Services
  • Service Management

We provide reliable, secure services using our world-class infrastructure, knowledge and processes. We also work closely with you to review key business needs, cost structures and processes. we closely monitor every system to ensure your IT infrastructure delivers service levels aligned with business requirements.

Hardware solution

As technology continues to advance, businesses continually search for ways to adopt technology to better serve their business needs. For industrial and remote environments, this may require hardware designed to meet rigorous or unique regulatory requirements.

Others may need stronger integration with business applications and systems. While it’s true many “off-the-shelf” hardware and software products provide valuable capabilities, they also present challenges:

  • Products rarely prove to be true “plug-and-play” solutions
  • Hardware and software almost always require configuration to some degree
  • Advanced customization may be required to modify technologies to conform to business requirements
  • Every component most likely needs to integrate with other hardware/software components
  • Solving these challenges is critical to taking full advantage of technologies and to automate processes spanning multiple systems

Aksentt Tech Services Limited offers hardware/software development and integration solutions to extend the capabilities of technologies that enable businesses: Communications: Design and development of communication products and integration of off-the-shelf products to meet unique environmental, regulatory, and industry specifications.

Software Integration: Application and middleware development for supporting system integration and applications that otherwise have no integration accessibility.

Defense Systems: Program management and engineering supporting various government initiatives.

We also feature a wide range of technology expertise:

  • New Product Concept Development/Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Defense Systems Engineering

Our highly-specialized software engineering capabilities and our extensive experience enable us to create unique hardware and software to support various deployment scenarios

IT and ITES, Technical Staffing solution

We help find the right people for the right job. We understand how critical it is to match the right talent to the specified job. In today’s fast paced business world. We help clients utilize their time more effectively by offering the best talent in the market which saves time and energy spent on screening candidates. Our Staffing Team is professional, compassionate and stringently follows hiring procedures and guidelines. We have built a recruiting Engine to compile a talent base of pre-screened candidates available for rapid hiring. This talent acquisition model encompasses a sophisticated resource management database and a centralized quick response team specialized in sourcing and qualifying the best candidates through best practices.

Based on our knowledge of client needs and the skills they typically require, we identify and deliver the finest candidates available through a comprehensive recruiting process; Planning, Sourcing, Qualification, Closing and On-Boarding.

We have an extensive database of the top technical professionals, their job profiles, salary structure, where to find them and when they will be available. We understand their preferences, and what it takes to get them on-board.

We qualify resource candidates through careful analysis of their skills, their preferences and their work history to ensure you get a qualified candidate who meets your specified skill qualifications, culture and cost and is committed to your project. We communicate with our candidates continuously throughout the staffing process which results in higher success in closing the selected candidate. We customize our on-boarding process for each client’s unique needs so that resources show up on time, ready to go from day one.

We believe timely and effective communication with our clients and our professional staff is a key component to achieving successful project completion through sustained performance and retention until project completion. We are fully committed to being a valued partner to you for all of your staffing resources.

IT Resource Staffing

Aksentt Tech Services Limited Staffing Services Methodology is part of a technology-rich culture that offers several advantages over traditional staffing models:

  • Client Requirements defined by Subject Matter Experts
  • Access to the right resource, at the cost, at the right time
  • Escalation to Subject Matter Experts, as required
  • Access to strategic partners, if further escalation required

Technical Resource Staffing

With these capability advantages, Aksentt Tech Services Limited delivers the industry’s best resources in the following technical categories:

  • Network Infrastructure and Security
  • Systems/Network/Database Administration
  • Unified Communications
  • Tele presence /Video Conferencing
  • Mobility/Wireless
  • Data Center
  • Lifecycle Data Management/Administration
  • Software Design/Integration/Maintenance
  • Microsoft Infrastructure/Maintenance
  • System/Business Analysis
  • Program/Project Management

With depth and breadth of expertise to accurately identify project requirements, Aksentt Tech Services Limited successfully and quickly solves all IT project objectives with highly-qualified resources.